The New Zealand Association of Optometrists is an incorporated society whose objects include a commitment to high quality eye health care for all New Zealanders. Albany Optometrists are members, and so are 94% of the practising Optometrists in NZ.

We are members of ADONZ. Dispensing Opticians are registered with the Optometrists & Dispensing Opticians Board. This means they are qualified health care providers and complete continuing education in order to maintain an Annual Practising Certificate.

We are members of EYEPRO – an independent network of eye-care professionals dedicated to the highest standards of service and expertise. EYEPRO also gives independently owned and operated members the buying power and strength to compete effectively with the larger overseas owned optical chains.

You can learn more here about Irlen Syndrome and its history. This website also enables patients to take online tests to diagnose Irlens. You will also find information on the latest research, news and updates on Irlens.

We are partnered with Southern Cross Health Care to provide the Easy-claim service.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health can help pay for eye tests, glasses and eye patches for children aged 15 years and under who have eyesight problems. This is called the children’s spectacle subsidy. Enable New Zealand manages the children’s spectacle subsidy on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

As the world's leading manufacturer of precision optics we combine technical expertise and innovative ideas into exceptional visual experiences. Prepare to be astounded by solutions that are much more than lenses!

CooperVision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and related products and services. Our products are sold in over 100 countries around the world. From China to Europe, from Africa to the Americas, we’re there improving the way people see.

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