A variety of lenses to suit.

We can offer you high-quality thin and light lens materials. With a wide range of options to choose from, we can also tailor lenses to suit your specific needs.

To find the right lenses for you, we first establish your lens prescription (through eye-testing.) Then we discuss where and when you will wear your lenses, your occupation and any sports and hobbies. We can then determine whether you need tinting, anti-reflective coating or other helpful attributes incorporated into your lenses.

The lens technologies that we offer include:

  • Specialised anti-reflection coatings – to reduce glare and reflections and provide clear, uninterrupted vision.
  • Transition tinting – to provide protection from the sun, darkening outdoors.
  • Progressive lenses – to provide a seamless progression of lens powers for all viewing distances (short and long).
  • Polarised prescription sunglass lenses – to eliminate glare and provide sun protection with visual clarity.
  • Anti-fatigue lenses – designed to prevent and relieve visual fatigue.
  • Occupational reading lenses – enhanced design to allow for relaxed vision for screen use and the office environment.

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